"Premiere of MONDO SACRAMENTO 2"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sacramento based Production Company Desperate Visions returns with a vengeance bringing audiences MONDO SACRAMENTO 2!

MONDO SACRAMENTO 2 Will premiere MAY 16TH AT 7:30 PM. There will be 2 encore screenings on Saturday MAY 18TH AT 5PM & 7:30 PM All seats for this limited Sacramento engagement are $10

MONDO SACRAMENTO 2 is the Seventh film from Desperate Visions Productions and features dramatizations of SIX True Crime/Life events having taken place in Sacramento, CA many years ago.

Writer and Director Jason Rudy delivers part documentary, part film-all crazy, and true! MONDO SACRAMENTO 2 is a film made in the Mondo film genre, made popular in the 1960's and 70's.

The Six stories featured as part of MONDO SACRAMENTO 2 include:
-Dorothea Puente, who ran a boarding house, was infamously known for abusing and killing her elderly tenants, then burying their bodies in her backyard and cashing their social security checks.
-Gerald and Charlene Gallego, the first husband and wife serial killer team, abducted and killed ten people; Their crime spree extended from Sacramento, spanning across Northern California.
-In September of 1975, Manson Family members/Eco-terrorists, Squeaky and Sandra, attempt to carry out an ill fated assassination upon President Gerald Ford at the State Capitol.
-Karen G., a twenty-one year old apprentice embalmer, disappeared from her place of employment, taking along with her a hearse. . .and a corpse; It was later revealed she had an insatiable sexual appetite for the recently deceased.
-Stormin’ Norman, a local TV weatherman was discovered along with five other men, performing lewd acts in a prominent department store bathroom.
-Lastly, we explore two of Sacramento’s forgotten drive-in’s; One of which was a place of worship, and the other a place of sin.

Nothing will prepare you for the beauty and madness of Mondo Sacramento 2!

MONDO SACRAMENTO 2 features Horror Legend Lynn Lowry (I drink your blood, Shivers, The Crazies) starring as Dorothea Puente, and featuring over 50 of Sacramento's most beautiful and brightest talents.

For interviews Contact Jason Rudy at

Doors open at 6:45 P.M. for the 7:30 P.M. show. All seats $10 on sale NOW, Crest, 1-800-225-2277

Playing in Theatre 1
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